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Google Ads Agency

Get more sales, customers or greater reach with Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine worldwide. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to stand out in Google search and thereby attract potential customers to your website or store.

The first positions are those that bring you in front of the customer. Google Ads brings you to the top positions from the first day of the campaign.

Google Ads

Setting up campaigns, creating conversion tracking and remarketing codes. Creation and optimization of advertising messages. Tracking campaign effects.

starting at $500

Where does Google show ads?

Search – Your advertisement on the first page of Google search, appears only when a user searches for a product or service that you offer based on keywords.

Display – It offers the possibility of placing banners on websites, applications, viber, as well as on all types of devices.

Youtube – Ads will be displayed in specific positions within a YouTube video, also offers different video advertising formats.

Google Shopping – These ads appear in search results along with product images and pricing.

Performance Max – The primary goal is to drive conversions, such as sales, leads.

01. Relevant advertising

The ad is displayed only when the user searches for information related to the services we offer.

02. Targeted advertising

We can determine at what age the ad will be shown, at what gender and on what devices.

03. Location advertising

It is possible to target users by areas such as states, cities and even radii of specific locations.

Case Study - Ecommerce Shop

Initial situation:
– campaigns without profitability and without conversions
– a 4-figure monthly budget did not generate conversions

The number of keywords to be advertised was reduced and the focus was more precisely on high-priced products. Ads were designed and placed to match this strategy. The whole thing is rounded off with website optimization that turns Google visitors into customers.

Result of the collaboration:
– 40 conversions for high priced products every week
– on a budget of $3.000, the revenue is almost $11.000

Google Partner Agency

Frequently asked questions

What do i need to get started the project?

1. Discussion about the project 2. Your Google Ads account ID, if no Google Ads account, we need your Gmail to create an account for you.

Do you guarantee Sales/Leads/Calls?

We can guarantee targeted and relevant traffic, clicks and views. Purchasing power is only the hands of the visitors which we can’t control.

How do i deal with malicious software issues?

Some ads are getting disapproved, for the reason of malicious files or links which installed in your website. After we setup the ads if any ads are getting the malicious software issue, you must ask your developer to remove the malicious links.

What type of campaigns we don't do?

CBD, Tobacco, Drugs, Interest, Banking, Finance, Mortgage, Loan, Adult, Interest, Gambling, Dangerous Products or Services, Non-Profit Ad Grant, Suspended Accounts.

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